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0 minsPublished on 5/24/2023

MoonPay adds support for SUI

Users can now buy SUI via MoonPay instantly with a credit card.

By Geoffrey Lyons

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We’re delighted to share that SUI is now available to purchase for MoonPay customers.*

Users can now buy SUI directly via MoonPay with debit/credit cards including Visa and Mastercard, bank transfer, and many other payment methods.

What is Sui? 

Sui is a Layer-1 blockchain developed by former senior executives from the Libra team at Meta. The platform supports smart contracts, offering its users scalability and low-latency using what’s called “parallel agreement” (executing numerous transactions in parallel). 

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MoonPay allows users to buy SUI with a credit card (Image source)

Mysten Labs, the team behind Sui’s development, raised $300 million during a Series B funding round, fueling excitement for the new project. 

Sui’s native cryptocurrency SUI has a total supply of 10 billion tokens. At the time of writing, SUI has a circulating supply of 528 million. 

Where to buy SUI

You can buy SUI now via MoonPay. Just use your credit card and enter the desired wallet address to purchase.

With MoonPay, you can send your purchased SUI to the most popular Sui wallets, including Suiet, Sui Wallet, Ethos, and Martian.

*SUI is not yet available for US customers.

Geoffrey Lyons
Written byGeoffrey Lyons