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Easily sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 10+ other cryptocurrencies using a bank transfer or your VISA card*

* US customers only. Worldwide soon.

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Sell Bitcoin and other crypto with ease in 3 simple steps

Discover the convenience of selling cryptocurrency using multiple payment method options supported in the EU and US. Simply create and verify your MoonPay account, then add your bank account payout address to get started.



Select the cryptocurrency you鈥檇 like to sell from the drop-down menu and enter the amount you wish to trade for fiat.


Enter your email address and choose either the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) or VISA card* where you鈥檇 like to receive your funds.


Send your crypto to the provided wallet address to instantly convert to fiat currency. MoonPay handles the conversion process for your convenience at a low fee, and you receive cash in the fiat currency of your choice.

What makes MoonPay the optimal choice for selling crypto?

Available globally

Sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or your preferred cryptocurrency in more than 50 supported countries using the local currency of your bank account. We offer different payment options that cater to your local region.

Convenient cashout

MoonPay supports local bank transfers, and now VISA credit/debit cards (in the US) for "push to card" sell transactions. Our user-friendly interface makes digital assets accessible even to customers who are new to crypto transactions.

Sell what you need

If you want to sell crypto in large or small amounts, we've got you covered. Just start by selling your preferred cryptocurrency for as little as $30 in value on MoonPay.

Low and transparent fees

Enjoy selling crypto with transaction fees as low as 1% for bank transfers and 4.5% for US VISA cards. With MoonPay's simple on- and off-ramps, users can always buy and sell cryptocurrency at the fairest price.


MoonPay's vision is to unlock ownership for everyone and empower people to have full control of their money and digital assets. MoonPay customers can buy crypto and store it in any wallet, and later cashout directly to their bank account.

Industry-leading security

Sell Bitcoin and crypto with peace of mind. MoonPay follows strict security measures and a robust identity verification process to ensure you have a safe crypto-selling experience.

Sell Crypto With A Credit Card.

Now Available for US customers!

Introducing our latest feature, Sell-to-Card, which enables users to effortlessly and instantly trade cryptocurrencies for USD and have the funds transferred directly to a VISA credit/debit card.

With this handy addition, selling crypto for fiat currencies and transferring funds to a card has never been easier.

Sell crypto with your VISA card

3.8M+ people trust MoonPay to buy and sell cryptocurrencies


Frequently asked questions

You can sell cryptocurrency for fiat on MoonPay within a few minutes. If you are using a VISA Fast Funds card, you will receive the payout within 30 minutes. For standard VISA cards, funds may take up to 48 hours to be made available. For bank transfers, a sell transaction can sometimes take up to 24 hours to execute.

In the vast majority of places, cryptocurrency is not a legal tender and is seen as a mode of investment to grow wealth. Having an exit strategy is crucial for investors, and this is especially true of crypto and other assets. Selling cryptocurrency lets you take profit, manage risk, diversify your portfolio, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances with high liquidity. By converting your holdings into fiat currencies, you maintain control over your investments and ensure financial flexibility in an ever-evolving market.

You can sell crypto directly from any integrated wallet without ever leaving the platform or app. Just go to your favorite wallet or and choose the cryptocurrency and amount that you'd like to trade for fiat. After entering your email address and completing our secure identity verification process, you'll be prompted to enter your IBAN. Next, simply follow the remaining instructions to complete your transaction. MoonPay has trusted partners that include several leading non-custodial wallet providers like MetaMask and Exodus to help you quickly sell cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in a few clicks.

You can easily sell cryptocurrency for cash on MoonPay. We offer customers multiple payout options including bank transfer for EU and US and Push-to-Card for US VISA card holders. We are actively working to add more regions, currencies, and payout methods.

Yes, you can safely sell cryptocurrency at MoonPay. MoonPay employs AES-256 encryption and our data centers are PCI-DSS certified meaning all your banking information is secure with us and will not be handed over to any third party. Whether you use our on-ramp to buy crypto or our off-ramp to sell, your information and funds are always safe with us.