0 minsPublished on 4/20/2023

ENS adds MoonPay NFT Checkout for Web3 domain purchases

MoonPay users can now buy ENS domains using a card.

By Corey Barchat

MoonPay x ENS

We’re thrilled to announce that Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the most widely integrated blockchain naming standard, is using MoonPay's NFT Checkout to make it easier than ever to purchase Web3 domain names.

ENS is a digital protocol that creates customizable domains for users as their Web3 identity. An ENS domain acts as an alias for a longer wallet address, making it easier to send and receive crypto and NFTs. For example: 


..can be shortened to just: 


This removes the need for users to memorize long wallet addresses and reduces the likelihood of mistakenly sending assets to the wrong address–both common areas of friction in Web3.

MoonPay has simplified this even further by implementing our NFT Checkout solution. Now, users can purchase ENS domains with a card in seconds, without the need to acquire ETH first. 

Additionally, MoonPay users can purchase crypto on our site and send it directly to their ENS domain wallet address. 

Together, these integrations have removed the friction of having to perform excessive and expensive transactions on multiple crypto exchanges to purchase ENS names and send to a domain.

Follow these steps or see the video below to purchase an ENS domain via MoonPay:

  1. Select your desired domain on ENS

  2. Enter your email address

  3. Input your wallet address

  4. Enter your payment information

  5. Receive your ENS domain

“MoonPay’s goal is to onboard the world to Web3 by delivering an easy and simple user experience,” said MoonPay Senior Business Development Manager, Antonio Talledo. “Our partnership with ENS makes it possible to buy a '.eth' name with some of the most familiar payment methods available.”  

Buy ENS domains via MoonPay

If you don’t have an ENS domain, you can search to see what’s available. Then, simply select “buy with card” to purchase your desired domain name. When purchasing and minting your domain, you can set your renewal duration for as long as you like.

Once you have your new ENS, you can start using it in Web3 applications. The domain lives in your Ethereum wallet and can be transferred or listed like an NFT.

ENS is compatible with top Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask, Ledger, Exodus, and MyEtherWallet, as well as NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Corey Barchat
Written byCorey Barchat