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0 minsPublished on 10/11/2022

Deep Objects becomes top trending NFT collection overnight

Collection 001 was minted using HyperMint by MoonPay.

By Geoffrey Lyons


The inaugural NFT collection for Deep Objects, a community of curators united in the mission to test the frontier of design and technology, rocketed to the top trending spot on OpenSea just after minting completed on October 10th.  

The NFTs in the collection, titled Collection 001, were minted using HyperMint, MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting platform that launched in June. After mint started, the project sold out in less than nine minutes. 

Deep Objects image of snaker
Holders of Collection 001 NFTs will play an active role in shaping the project's final 1/1 outcome.

Collection 001 will use machine-learning to generate an infinite array of sneaker images. Through the process, a million possibilities will be whittled down to a single final object.  

Holders are granted access to the design studio with the NFTs that are now trending. Once they’re inside the studio, participants will be guided through a process that combines game theory and curation to shape their sneaker.

There will be a second phase of the project in which 30 lucky holders will see their 2D sneaker NFT evolve into a 3D prototype designed by FTR's award winning design team. Then, in the third and final phase, one of the 30 remaining sneakers will be fabricated using cutting-edge technology to produce a physical art object.

Collection 001 was recently covered in the leading global fashion and lifestyle magazine, Highsnobiety.

Active holders will be invited back for future collections at no extra cost.

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Geoffrey Lyons
Written byGeoffrey Lyons