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0 minsPublished on 6/21/2022

Introducing HyperMint: The self-service NFT minting platform

The developer-friendly platform enables anyone to create, manage, and mint NFTs at scale.

By Geoffrey Lyons


MoonPay is thrilled to officially launch a ground-breaking new offering that will be a cornerstone of our product suite. We’re calling it HyperMint

HyperMint is a simple self-service platform that enables anyone to create and deploy smart contracts. We’ve built a robust and flexible interface that allows users to mint, manage, and distribute NFTs at scale. Think AWS for NFTs.

The problem 

Until now, a lack of user-friendly NFT infrastructure has hampered the ability of creators, brands, and enterprises to properly implement an NFT strategy. There simply hasn’t been an easy way to deploy NFTs at scale. 

This has meant that many brands wanting to make the shift to Web3 simply haven’t been able to. Even though the NFT industry grew 50x in 2021, most brand launches failed to meet the expectations of their audience.

Enter HyperMint

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HyperMint effectively removes the barriers to entry for anyone who wants to tokenize their IP. We’ve created an end-to-end, unified Web3 infrastructure that abstracts the entire NFT creation and management process into a single platform. 

With HyperMint, brands and creators can go-to-market faster, reducing NFT deployment time from months to days. 

Here are a few examples of how HyperMint has already been put to use: 


HyperMint partner Beatclub is the first and only platform where music creators can buy music licenses as NFTs. By using HyperMint, Beatclub will produce tokens that allow artists to manage royalties and track commercial usage of their music on the blockchain. The NFT ownership of the recordings incentivizes collaboration, reduces piracy, and makes it easier for creators to be paid directly and efficiently. 

Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency, one of the world’s leading entertainment and sports agencies, is partnering with HyperMint to develop strategies for using utility NFTs to help its blue-chip clients engage audiences and consumers across filmed and live entertainment, digital media, publishing, fashion, and philanthropy.

Death Row Records

Earlier this year, MoonPay investor Snoop Dogg announced that his newly acquired Death Row Records would be the world's first NFT record label. Today, he’s announcing that Death Row will use HyperMint to help make that possible. Snoop Dogg has already used the platform to create a token-gated storefront allowing token holders to access exclusive merchandise. The collection comprises a set of limited utility NFTs tied to each song on his newly released 17-track album,  “B.O.D.R. (Bacc On Death Row).”

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures will partner with HyperMint as it begins to assess how best to use utility NFTs to deepen customer engagement and relationships. The company, which produces and distributes theatrical and non-theatrical filmed entertainment for a growing global marketplace, hopes to announce exciting collaborations in the coming weeks and months. 

The expanding Web3 market

The expanding Web3 market

HyperMint’s early partnerships signal the start of a paradigm shift in Web3–a shift in which NFTs evolve from art and collectibles to a technology encompassing almost limitless applications. 

By making it easy to mint NFTs at scale, and allowing anyone to weave utility, value, and innovation into their digital offerings, HyperMint will serve an ever-expanding market that will welcome countless new entrants into Web3. 

The possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to see where this leads. 

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Geoffrey Lyons
Written byGeoffrey Lyons