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Winning ideas from MoonPay's UX hackathon 🏆

The MoonPay team assembled for a five-day offsite in London. Over 90 colleagues gathered, divided into 7 teams (each led by a peer-nominated "CEO"), and competed for a $25k USDC prize.

Just like before, the hackathon had a theme. This time it was "Buttery Smooth User Experience." Instead of developing new features, we applied our creativity and problem-solving abilities to enhance our existing products and experiences.

A major area of focus was our beloved widget. The “Fast & Curious” team focused on speed and was able to reduce the widget’s loading time by 14%. They also introduced opt-in monthly reminders for users who like to buy crypto recurrently (DCA).

The “Sell-ution Seekers” team improved Sell, as you may have guessed. This included enhancements such as toggling between a fiat and crypto amount to sell, decreasing the minimum amount to sell while increasing maximum limit for all payment methods, and expanding our asset support to include all top 20 assets.

And because our users are not just consumers, team "Partner Polish" focused on our partners. They improved our technical documentation covering buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies. Partners can now easily select which tokens to support for on- and off-ramps using our new searchable list. Plus, partners can sign up and deploy a swaps widget in under 60 minutes.

Team “You butter believe it” improved the MoonPay core engine, including KYC enhancements to streamline the verification process and reduce customer frustration, and providing users with a recommended payment method with the highest approval rate to ensure their purchase is successful.

Two teams focused on quality of life improvements. Team “Dark Side of the Moon” focused on customers, adding support for dark mode in the app, translating the app to six languages and designing a friendlier FinProm banner. Team “Quality of Life” focused on developers, improving tracing and debugging, automating the scaling of our services and designing a Figma template for presentations.

Overall, the event was a success. It showcased our commitment to continuously improving the MoonPay experience for both consumers and partners, resulted in fixing over 100 issues, and fostered cross-team collaboration across various departments (Design, Data, Engineering, Product, Compliance, Operations, and many more). We’ll continue improving our products to give you the finest experience possible. If you have ideas on how we could make our products better, please leave a comment on our X thread here.

Spoiler alert: The “Quality of Life” team received the most votes and won the competition. Congrats Sergey!

Shaun Heng
Shaun Heng

Director of Product Strategy

Diogo Nunes
Diogo Nunes

Content writer