A hackathon competition where the winner is the user 💜

The MoonPay team recently gathered for a five-day offsite in Lisbon, bringing together 100+ employees spanning over five departments and 20+ countries.

Our offsites often serve as the location for our quarterly hackathon, which has consistently fostered groundbreaking ideas.

Each hackathon has a specific theme, and this quarter’s was "Fix It". Rather than pursuing shiny new ideas, our focus was on enhancing the user experience of existing products. This also served as an opportunity for teams to clean up some product and tech debt before the start of the new year.

Eleven employees were elected to recruit and lead a team of approximately ten people each, with the goal of building production-ready solutions that would improve our core business. Almost a dozen teams managed to turn 25 ideas into production-ready solutions — all in less than a week! It was an awe-inspiring display of teamwork. 🤝

These ideas led to multiple improvements across our product offering, including:

  • Improved transaction tracking for purchases (On-ramps)

    • Manage user’s expectations by displaying an ETA based on weekly historical data

    • Let the user explore the transaction in the blockchain explorer for more details

    • Auto-refresh the transaction status in the Account page every minute

  • Revamped UI of send feature

    • Fix gas issues and improve error messages

    • Allow sending maximum and decimal amounts

    • Auto-complete with previously used wallets to avoid typing

  • Faster user refunds

    • Automate the majority of the process, reducing waiting times from weeks to days

    • User can now ask (and get) a refund without contacting customer support

  • Launched a new webpage for MoonPay Swaps

  • And much more!

MoonPay's progress depends on feedback from our users and partners. The features we introduce and the refinements we make are often responses to the input you provide us. Keep it coming and we'll continue to improve your experience the best we can!

JD Millwood
JD Millwood

VP Product - Consumer & Growth