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Amber Vittoria’s ‘Untitled’ NFTs launched through MoonPay Artist in Residence program

The collection was minted using HyperMint by MoonPay.

By Geoffrey Lyons

Amber Vittoria Untitled MoonPay

Artist and poet Amber Vittoria’s latest NFT collection, Untitled, climbed to the top of OpenSea’s rankings last week. On Friday, the project became the third largest by daily trading volume shortly after selling out. 

The collection is the first that Vittoria has launched with MoonPay as part of our Artist in Residence program. Announced in October, the program supports emerging female, non-binary, and underrepresented artists in the NFT space. 

The NFTs in the collection were minted using HyperMint, MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting platform created earlier this year. After mint started, the project sold out in less than an hour.

A picture of Untitled by Amber Vittoria.

Untitled, comprising 1,530 NFTs, was inspired by Vittoria’s poem “Untitled / Unlabeled, / Morphing / As I’m able.” According to the project’s description on OpenSea, artworks in the collection draw on Vittoria’s relationship to “femininity, emotion, and identity”. 

"MoonPay’s Artist-in-Residence program was built to drive equity in the creator economy with a specific emphasis on female and underrepresented communities,” said MoonPay’s Head of Brand Marketing, Kayla Santos.

“The success of Amber’s collection is proof that there is overwhelming interest for artwork and artists that break the stereotypes of Web3 and lead with inclusion — using their work to empower others and build communities.” 

Users who participated in the mint were given the opportunity to get a 1:1 NFT. Holders found out after a 24-hour reveal whether their NFT was a 1:1, 1:15, or 1:30 edition.

MoonPay’s next Artists in Residence will be announced next month. 

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Geoffrey Lyons
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