3 minsPublished on 11/2/2022

MoonPay to power payments for TRLab NFTs celebrating Alexander Calder

MoonPay will facilitate payments for the collection, which is available for public sale starting November 3rd.

By Geoffrey Lyons

MoonPay is thrilled to partner with TRLab, a fine-art NFT platform whose mission is to fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting. 

TRLab’s latest innovative partnership is with the Calder Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting Alexander Calder’s art and archives. Together, TRLab and the Calder Foundation are launching an educational NFT experience that celebrates the late artist and deepens participants’ understanding of his pioneering impact on modern art.

The Calder Question” takes participants on a multi-phase interactive journey that will challenge assumptions about Calder and reward participation with exclusive access, culminating in the opportunity to collect limited-edition NFT artworks created specifically for the experience.

MoonPay is enabling fiat payments for the NFTs through NFT Checkout, our industry-first service that allows users to purchase an NFT instantly with a credit or debit card. This will allow buyers to use their preferred payment method (e.g. Visa, Google Pay) to acquire an NFT rather than having to first top up their wallets with crypto.

Calder, who passed away in 1976 at the age of 78, is known for signature works such as Cirque Calder and Big Red, and is widely recognized as the most acclaimed and influential sculptor of our time.

“This partnership is a wonderful way to pay homage to Alexander Calder, a legendary artist who was a pioneer in his craft,” said MoonPay co-founder and CEO, Ivan Soto-Wright. “Projects like this show web3’s potential to shine light on the fine arts like we’ve never seen before. MoonPay is privileged to be a part of this truly remarkable experience.”

Access to The Calder Question is free, but each user must have a crypto wallet in order to claim participation tokens. Details on the artworks, including prices and descriptions, can be found here.

“The Calder Question will invite new audiences to foster a deep understanding of my grandfather’s work,” said Alexander S.C. Rower, President of the Calder Foundation. “Calder was a pioneer in perception who continually reinvented ways to communicate his ideas. If he were alive today, I am certain that he would be at the forefront of digitally native art.”

Audrey Ou, TRLab’s co-founder and CEO, added: “We are honored to collaborate with the Calder Foundation on this exciting journey and to contribute to the formation of their new sculpture conservation fund. For many new collectors and future art patrons, this is just the type of fine art NFT project they have been looking for, and we look forward to welcoming them into our global collecting community.”

Public sale for the NFTs begins November 3rd at 10 AM ET, for customers in MoonPay's supported regions.

Geoffrey Lyons
Written byGeoffrey Lyons