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0 minsPublished on 4/19/2024

TON users can now buy USDt through MoonPay

Users outside the U.S. can now buy USDt on TON through MoonPay.

By Geoffrey Lyons

MoonPay is pleased to support USDt’s launch on TON: the global, decentralized blockchain community building the Web3 ecosystem in Telegram. The launch comes in the wake of TON’s (“The Open Network”) strategic collaboration with Tether.

Now anyone with Tonkeeper, a self-custody wallet for paying Toncoin and other tokens, can buy Tether (USDt) directly with MoonPay.*  

Buy USDt on Tonkeeper with MoonPay

By providing direct access to USDt, TON is empowering Telegram’s 900+ million global users to make borderless peer-to-peer payments.

TON and its native token Toncoin ($TON) power TON operations, transactions, games, and collectibles.

* Not available in the U.S.

Geoffrey Lyons
Written byGeoffrey Lyons