2 minsPublished on 2/22/2022

Solflare chooses MoonPay as preferred fiat on-ramp

Solflare wallet will now have full Solana on-ramp integration via MoonPay.

By Corey Barchat

We are thrilled to announce that Solana wallet Solflare has chosen MoonPay as its preferred fiat on-ramp provider for cryptocurrency purchases.

In a move seeking to automate and simplify the crypto and NFT purchasing process, users can now buy crypto and NFTs with fiat currency directly in the Solflare wallet using all major payment methods.

To celebrate this partnership, Solflare users will receive 0% fees on all MoonPay transactions for the first week of launch!

What is Solflare?

Solflare is the one of the most popular wallets built for Solana, with capabilities for staking, storing, and swapping Solana Program Library (SPL) assets, as well as trading Solana NFTs. The wallet is compatible with all the major Solana DApps and NFT marketplaces, enabling instant access to the entire Solana ecosystem.

A screenshot of a Solana NFT in the Solflare wallet.
A screenshot of a Solana NFT in the Solflare wallet.

Solflare makes it easy to store and trade Solana assets and SOL NFTs.

Solflare mobile app

Solflare makes it easy for users to access crypto on every device, including web browser. However, the initial rollout for the new update with MoonPay buy functionality will be available for mobile only.

One highly-anticipated feature of the new mobile app version is push notifications. Now users can receive custom alerts for crypto and NFT price movement, as well as instant updates when someone else bids on listed NFTs.

Buy crypto and NFTs on Solflare

To get started, download Solflare on iOS or Android

After creating a new wallet or importing an existing one, click [BUY] on the wallet home screen and continue to finish your purchase via MoonPay.

Users can buy crypto now via MoonPay directly on Solflare.

Corey Barchat
Written byCorey Barchat