1 minPublished on 11/17/2021

MoonPay partners with leading Solana wallet Phantom

Phantom wallet will now have full on-ramp capability via MoonPay.

By Corey Barchat

We are thrilled to announce that MoonPay is live with Phantom, the premier Solana wallet.

MoonPay is now the preferred on-ramp service for Phantom’s 1M+ users as we seek to onboard one billion people into crypto by 2030.

To support this partnership, we are offering 0% fees for the first week of launch when you buy crypto in your Phantom wallet!

The Solana ecosystem in one place

Phantom makes it easy to swap, send, and receive Solana and SPL (Solana Program Library) tokens. Whether you’re looking to interact with DeFi protocols, or buy and sell on NFT marketplaces, Phantom is your one-stop shop for the expansive Solana ecosystem

A screenshot of Phantom’s Solana NFT viewer interface.
Phantom has a seamless experience for Solana NFTs (Image source)

Get started on Phantom with MoonPay

To get started, head to Phantom and download their wallet plug-in for your desktop browser of choice. Phantom is releasing a highly-anticipated mobile wallet later in 2021.

You can now buy Sol via MoonPay directly on your Phantom wallet home screen.

Corey Barchat
Written byCorey Barchat