1 minPublished on 12/5/2022

MoonPay to power payments for FOX TV series Krapopolis NFTs

The collection features chickens from the animated series.

By Geoffrey Lyons

MoonPay is thrilled to be partnering with the animated comedy show Krapopolis on the launch of their inaugural NFT collection. 

Krapopolis and the Fox Broadcasting Company have chosen to enable easier access to the release via NFT Checkout, our industry-first NFT service that allows users to purchase an NFT instantly with a credit or debit card.

A picture of Krapopolis.
The FOX animated series airs November 27th (Image source)

Set in mythical Ancient Greece, Krapopolis follows a family of humans, gods, and monsters as they try to rule over one of the world's first cities. The show is the first animated network television series to be curated on the blockchain, allowing holders of Krapopolis NFTs to vote on the show’s content. 

There are 10,420 “Krap chickens” in the collection, which is roughly the number of seconds it would take a chicken to run a marathon. Besides allowing holders to vote on what happens in the show, the NFTs in the collection unlock early access to exclusive content such as token-gated screening rooms, special merchandise, and private experiences. 

For more information on the collection, visit www.krapopolis.com/mint

Geoffrey Lyons
Written byGeoffrey Lyons