Super Simple Send, from MoonPay with 💌

Today, the spotlight goes to the web account as we highlight recent enhancements made to simplify sending your cryptocurrencies.

Send Anywhere: Seamlessly send cryptocurrencies from your MoonPay wallet to anywhere in the world.

Fiat Flexibility: Switch between entering crypto and fiat amounts, whichever you prefer.

Some or Everything: We added a new “max” button that simplifies sending the full balance you hold of a specific cryptocurrency. Don’t worry about network fees calculations, we will do that for you with a single click.

Customizable Transaction Speed: Speaking of fees, you can tailor your transaction speed with our customizable network fees, simply choose between standard, fast, or urgent.

Enhanced Transaction Visibility: Keep track of your activities with send transactions now featured in the recent activity section.

Experience these enhancements firsthand by logging into your MoonPay account today!

New & Improved

  • Added shortcut buttons to MoonPay Account: The Account page now features quick access buttons for buying, selling, and swapping tokens, along with various enhancements in the swaps experience.

  • Improved the MoonPay Account: In addition to several improvements in the swaps experience, we've addressed a couple of bugs, like fixing inaccuracies in price charts for certain time ranges.

  • Released Standalone KYC: Users that want to increase their purchasing power are now able to go through the KYC flow natively in the app, for a convenient and streamlined user experience.

  • Added support for Base chain: Our On-ramp now supports three new assets, two of them on the new Base blockchain. The new assets are: ETH_BASE, USDC_BASE, USDT_BSC.

  • Delisted currencies for compliance adherence: In adherence to compliance changes, we had to delist a few currencies, namely CNY, JPY, KRW, MAD, and PKR.

Georgina Karnasopoulos
Georgina Karnasopoulos

Product Manager, MoonPay Account