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Sell crypto with a few taps on the App 💸

We're thrilled to announce that our Sell feature is now seamlessly integrated into our MoonPay App. By bringing Sell to our official app, we're making it easier than ever for users to exchange crypto for fiat.

With this update, customers can now experience the complete range of transactional functionalities offered by MoonPay, namely buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies – all conveniently available in the app.

New & Improved

  • Email gated Web3 experiences: This new feature empowers anyone to grant access to a minting experience based on a simple email allowlist. On top of that, the eligible people can claim the NFT without having a wallet or MoonPay Account. #NoWalletNoProblem

  • Cancel sell transaction: Customers are now able to cancel their sell order during the deposit stage, which is very useful in case they made a mistake or changed their mind. Previously the customer had to wait 7 days for the transaction to expire.

  • Balance of connected wallet: Upon connecting a wallet with MoonPay, customers will be able to view the balance of their connected wallet. This should simplify choosing how much to sell or swap.

  • MoonPay Checkout Polygon support: Our Checkout product now supports items priced in MATIC, you can try this out on OpenSea today.

  • FinProm UK Compliance: We're committed to meeting the UK's FinProm requirements, which involve tasks like filling out a risk waiver, adhering to the 24 hour cooling period, and completing the self-categorization and appropriateness test.

  • Delisted BNB in the UK: We no longer support buying, selling, and swapping BNB in the UK. Your safety and security are our top priorities. We regularly monitor the rules and regulations to ensure we're not just compliant, but also providing a secure and safe environment.

  • Improved UX during source of wealth verification: We let customers know exactly what documents they need to submit to succeed at the source of wealth verification and we provide clear explanations when there are any issues in the process.

Roger Pan
Roger Pan

Product Manager

Diogo Nunes
Diogo Nunes

Content writer