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MoonPay Checkout “lays the Base” for L2 NFTs 🔵

We're excited to announce the launch of Base support for MoonPay Checkout! Amidst uncertainties surrounding the future of Ethereum NFTs, we've prioritized support for Layer 2 solutions. As a result, we're proud to extend our support to Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, BNB, and now Base, ensuring our users can buy their favorite NFTs across diverse blockchains.

New & Improved

  • Increased purchase limits for Apple Pay & Google Pay: We've raised the transaction limits for these mobile payment methods. This adjustment brings them in line with the limits for card payments.
  • Increased swap limits: We enabled higher limits, up to $150K swaps, for 6 base currencies (USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, DAI, and SOL).
  • Optimized network fees: We've updated swapping and sending BTC from your MoonPay Account so costs are lower when there is network congestion.
  • Support for Solana balances: If the user owns a wallet that contains SOL we now display this balance. One small step towards full Solana support, we’re getting there!
  • Faster crypto delivery: We made significant enhancements to expedite delivery times for Solana assets (SOL, USDT_SOL, USDC_SOL), resulting in a 5x reduction in average delivery time, down to just 3 mins.
  • A “TON” of new asset listings: $PORTAL and $USDT_SOL were added to our On-Ramp globally. Additionally, USDT_TON is now available for On-Ramp outside the US. USDT_SOL is now supported for On-Ramp and Off-Ramp globally.
  • Welcome back Louisiana: All products (Buy, Sell, Swap) and assets are once again available in this state.
Louis Sutton
Louis Sutton
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Diogo Nunes

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