Got 2 minutes? That’s all it takes with our improved SDK ⚡️

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing upgrade to our MoonPay SDK collection, specifically tailored for React apps.

While our SDK did support React previously, it required building React-specific logic, which could be quite intricate. To put this into perspective, a custom React integration with our Web SDK would typically entail around 300 lines of code for an optimal developer experience.

With our new React package, this number has dramatically decreased to just around 10 lines - a remarkable reduction of approximately 96%.

The integration process is now incredibly straightforward. In just three lines of JSX, you can effectively incorporate the MoonPay React SDK. No need for intimidating hooks or worrying about loading MoonPay separately. Rest assured, the React SDK offers the same level of customization, seamless communication, and type-safety as our Web SDK.

Don't miss out on exploring this package on npm.

If you have any doubts you can always dive into our detailed documentation. Happy coding!

New & Improved

  • Improved NFT Checkout UI: We've modernized the design of our NFT Checkout. The Card Details component has also undergone a makeover, now consolidated into a single field from its previous three. This ensures a simplified experience while buying and tracking your NFT purchase.

  • Social login on MoonPay Account: Users can now seamlessly log in using Google and Apple sign in on the Web. No more verification codes! With login parity across Web, App, and Widget, we're dedicated to delivering a uniform experience for our users across all our consumer products.

  • Ability to close all sessions: We introduced a button on the MoonPay Account to log out the user of all active sessions. This enhanced control allowed us to extend the logged-in duration from 7 days to 180 days, offering our users greater convenience.

  • Added On-Ramp support for USDT_BSC: We introduced a new asset, USDT on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Stay tuned for upcoming support for ETH_BASE and USDC_Base.

Anders Hasselstrøm
Anders Hasselstrøm

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