Enhance your business strategy with Analytics đź“Š

We're pleased to introduce Analytics, a new feature in the MoonPay Dashboard designed to offer partners insights into customer engagement and crucial business metrics like volume and revenue.

This new tool empowers partners to analyze metrics such as revenue, volume, and customer engagement. Partners can also tweak time filters according to their specific needs, allowing them to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Key features include:

Comprehensive business metrics: Access rich and up-to-date transactional metrics (e.g. volume, revenue, etc.) directly from your MoonPay dashboard.

Customer insights: Understand customer behavior and preferences to optimize user experience and drive engagement.

Cross-product analysis: Examine user-level data for all your MoonPay products, including Buy, Sell, and Swaps.

Geographical split: Get insights into transaction volumes and user demographics in specific geographical areas to tailor your strategies and expand your reach.

Custom time filters: Understand detailed trends of key customer and transaction-level metrics across flexible timeframes

User-centric interface: Explore data and derive actionable insights through our intuitive user interface.

To start using Analytics, simply navigate to your MoonPay Dashboard and select the "Analytics" option from the side menu. If you need assistance, get in touch with your Partner Success Manager and we can help you get started.

If you’re new to MoonPay, click here to learn about us and become a partner. Our On-Ramp integration gives you global coverage, seamless revenue sharing, and zero risk of fraud or chargebacks—all in a few lines of code.

New & Improved

  • Simplified the Swaps integration via SDK: We streamlined URL signing, allowing you to add swaps to your product with just a one-line change, which contributes to a fast and effortless integration.

  • Increased session’s time to expire: Until now, we would automatically log our users out of Ramps after seven days of inactivity. For their convenience, we increased that to six months—although we doubt our users will resist buying or selling crypto for that long.

  • Added Wallet Connect support to Off-ramps: Until now our users had to manually send us the crypto they wanted to sell, and now they can simply connect to their favorite wallet and sell directly.

  • Disabled stablecoin transactions in Canada: Due to risk and compliance updates, stablecoin transactions are restricted in Canada. Canadian residents and users' with Canada IP addresses won't be able to see or transact with stablecoins.

JD Millwood
JD Millwood

VP Product - Consumer & Growth