The Leadership Team

Lindsey Haswell

Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

Lindsey Haswell

Lindsey Haswell is the Chief Legal & Administrative Officer at MoonPay.

Before joining, Lindsey was the Chief Administrative and Legal Officer at crypto-asset firm, where she managed the Legal, Compliance, and People teams. She is also one of the founders of BFF, an open-access community with a mission to connect, educate, and empower women and non-binary people in Web3. She is also an initial contributor to Core Dao, a new Layer 1 blockchain that went to Mainnet in January 2023.

Lindsey was a founding member of Uber's Legal Team, where she oversaw many of the most complex legal and regulatory issues affecting the rideshare industry. From devising novel legal and litigation strategies to influencing favorable rideshare regulations, she was on the founding team of lawyers and business strategists who made rideshare legally possible.

An experienced crisis manager, she has quarterbacked the response to many front-page news matters, and specializes in bringing order, process, and strategy to companies navigating the challenges and opportunities of hyper-growth.  

When she’s not nurturing growth-stage companies, Lindsey is busy growing her two young boys with her husband in San Francisco.