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Enhanced MoonPay account experience 💎

Lately we have been busy enhancing the functionality and user experience of our Web Account platform. We've dedicated our efforts to refining various aspects of the interface based on valuable feedback from our users and partners. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:

  • Trade history in Account settings: We've added a much-requested feature—a direct link to trade history in the Account settings. You can also export that history into a file.

  • Transaction details: Users can now delve deeper into their past activity. By clicking on any activity item, the transaction tracker will open providing them with comprehensive transaction details.

  • Send fixes: We've fixed issues related to decimals/rounding in the send modal and optimized how different lengths of numbers scale, ensuring accuracy and clarity across the platform.

  • Polished activity section: The team has resolved scaling issues in the activity section, ensuring that users can now view all past activity clearly and neatly.

  • Wallet address visibility: We've relocated the wallet address on the wallet details screen to a more prominent position within the action bar. Users can now effortlessly copy their wallet address for sharing or transactions, eliminating the need to navigate through menu options.

New & Improved

  • Transaction created webhook: The onTransactionCreated event is now available in all SDKs. This was the #1 request from partners that are using our SDKs. We hear you!

  • Standalone KYB in MoonPay Dashboard: The sidebar now features a progress indicator, providing partners with clear updates on their verification status and emphasizing the advantages of reaching higher verification levels.

  • Mobile support of MoonPay Dashboard: We added responsiveness to our MoonPay Dashboard’s pages and we now automatically collapse the sidebar into a menu for improved mobile usability.

  • Enhanced sell flow: The new deposit screen, featuring clearer instructions, now appears earlier in the process for improved user experience.

  • Extended ENS compatibility: We've expanded our support to include over 25 additional networks for resolving ENS domain names, treating them with the same priority as Ethereum on Mainnet.

  • Faster Auth SDK: Dramatically improved loading speed, now 8 times faster, reducing it to just 1 second.

  • Enable transactions for high-risk jurisdictions with proof of residence: Formerly, we restricted transactions for customers from high-risk countries. With this update, rather than outright blocking these users, we offer them the opportunity to provide proof of legal residence in a different country.

Georgina Karnasopoulos
Georgina Karnasopoulos

Product Manager, MoonPay Account

Diogo Nunes
Diogo Nunes

Content writer