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0 minsPublished on 4/24/2023

MoonPay and Centaurify partner to onboard music fans to Web3

The Web3 music platform will integrate MoonPay’s NFT Checkout, allowing users to buy music NFTs with a card.

By Corey Barchat

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We’re delighted to announce that MoonPay is partnering with Web3 music marketplace and ticketing platform Centaurify to make it easier than ever for music enthusiasts to support the artists they love. 

By integrating MoonPay’s NFT Checkout, Centaurify will give artists the opportunity to engage with their fans via digital Web3 solutions, and fans the ability to buy music NFTs directly on the marketplace with a card.

The first release of the Universal Music Collection sold out on April 20th (Image source)

In addition to curating Web3 music, Centaurify is at the forefront of new projects including fan membership activations, audiovisual listening experiences, motion capture, streaming, and metaverse events.

After the company signed a global partnership with Universal Music Group, together they released a series of exclusive, limited-edition collectibles called the Universal Music Collection, which celebrate their artists' achievements and career milestones. The first release of this collection sold out on April 20th.   

These digital collectibles allow fans the chance to own their piece of music history. The project, which includes the NFT marketplace, will feature a wide range of artist projects, digital ticketing activations, VIP/backstage passes, and live mints. For more information on “The Universal Music Collection” and to register for artists drops, please visit

Corey Barchat
Written byCorey Barchat