How to buy Shiba Inu (SHIB)

What is Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

Shiba Inu started as a meme coin in 2020, inspired by Dogecoin. Since then, it has exploded in value and even led to the creation of an entirely new DeFI ecosystem powered by the token.

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Frequently asked about SHIB

SHIB can be bought as an investment and held as a store of value, but the coin is expanding beyond meme utility. Shiba Inu powers the Shibaswap platform where it can be used to earn interest and receive SHIB-ecosystem coins called LEASH and BONE.

Buy SHIB in minutes using Visa, Mastercard, and all major debit and credit cards via or any one of our partner websites, applications, or wallets.

Shiba Inu can be held in a wallet as a store of value, and powers the SHIB ecosystem via staking, providing liquidity, and creating NFTs.

Use MoonPay to buy SHIB with every major mobile payment method: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay. Pay your way, then store, spend, or send SHIB.

After buying SHIB with MoonPay, you can send your SHIB to another wallet, or use it to participate in the Shiba Inu ecosystem on platforms like Shibaswap.

Cut down on the expenses incurred with other payment methods and purchase SHIB via bank transfer globally.