How to buy Algorand (ALGO)

What is Algorand (ALGO)?

Algorand is an open, public and permissionless (decentralized) blockchain that serves as a smart contract platform and implements its unique pure proof-of-stake model. ALGO is its native token, which serves as both a cryptocurrency and a means to propagate the next blocks.

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Frequently asked about ALGO

Algorand’s pure proof-of-stake ensures that the network is secure, by selecting random users who stake at least 1 ALGO to serve as a block validator. This process is much friendlier on the environment than some other blockchains, and allows for cheaper and faster transactions when sending your ALGO.

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Algo can be used to interact with smart contracts on the Algorand network. You can also stake your Algo to earn interest and rewards, provided you stake at least 1 ALGO.

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