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How Changelly significantly increased conversion rates by building a dedicated payments landing page

  • +48%

    overall increase in conversion rate

  • -40%

    cut in purchase steps

  • +9.5%

    first-month increase in conversion rate

Eriz Benz, Changelly CEO

Eriz Benz, Changelly CEO:

“MoonPay created a seamless user experience for first-time purchasers as well as veteran buyers by implementing their widget onto our platform. MoonPay’s worldwide presence and vast catalogue of cryptocurrencies available for purchase made for a natural pairing with Changelly.”

Project summary

Who are Changelly ?

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to exchange crypto fast and buy with a bank card, providing optimal crypto-to-crypto rates and supporting over 160 cryptocurrencies available for exchange. Changelly selects and suggests the best available rates for users, after making bids and asks on exchange platforms including Binance, Poloniex and HitBTC.

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  • 350+

    API partners

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    BTC monthly volume

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Project overview

  • What was the challenge?

    Changelly wanted to monetize traffic more efficiently by creating a faster, more direct and smoother purchasing experience for the user. The goal was to simplify the purchase process in order to increase conversion rates, enabling users to buy cryptocurrency directly. This would eliminate the ancillary steps of wading through the crowded list format, where MoonPay was previously featured as an option.

  • Why MoonPay?

    MoonPay was chosen by Changelly to create a standalone payment page, showcasing the user-friendly MoonPay widget that lets customers seamlessly purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card or bank transfer. MoonPay’s crypto infrastructure in-a-box delivered the solutions Changelly required, from fiat rails to KYC to superior 24/7 customer support.

  • What was the solution?

    MoonPay created a direct landing page for cryptocurrency purchases. By incorporating the MoonPay widget and directly hosting this new Changelly Buy page on the MoonPay domain, Changelly eliminated 40% of the purchase steps for users. Since its launch, Changelly Buy has driven an increase in all conversions by 48%, including 9.5% in the first month, compared to the regular aggregator.

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