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0 minsPublished on 10/7/2023

Get Swapping on the MoonPay App!

Swap cross-chain with great exchange rates.

By Roger Pan

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of Swaps in the MoonPay App

Swaps is designed to be a secure, cross-chain solution with great exchange rates, low gas fees, and a selection of over 1,500 trading pairs. Not only that, you can swap between your wallets within the app.

Features and benefits

  • Low gas fees: Our gas fees are low, ensuring swaps are cost-effective for all users.

  • Cross-chain swaps: Swapping across chains is easy. Go from ETH to BTC, USDT to LTC, BNB to SOL, and more. 

  • Over 1,500 trading pairs*: Diversify your portfolio with over 1,500 trading pairs to choose from.

  • All your wallets in one place: Whether you have two or twenty two wallets, swapping between all of them has never been easier. 

  • Great exchange rates: Save money with our competitive exchange rates, ensuring you get great value for your swaps. 

Swaps is available in most regions where MoonPay is generally available, ensuring that users from around the world can take advantage of its benefits. Whether you're in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, Swaps is within your reach.

To try Swaps, download the MoonPay app

*Number may vary by jurisdiction 

Roger Pan
Written byRoger Pan

Product Manager