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New updates and improvements to MoonPay.

Enhanced MoonPay account experience đź’Ž

Lately we have been busy enhancing the functionality and user experience of our Web Account platform. We've dedicated our efforts to refining various aspects of the interface based on valuable feedback from our users and partners. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:

  • Trade history in Account settings: We've added a much-requested feature—a direct link to trade history in the Account settings. You can also export that history into a file.

  • Transaction details: Users can now delve deeper into their past activity. By clicking on any activity item, the transaction tracker will open providing them with comprehensive transaction details.

  • Send fixes: We've fixed issues related to decimals/rounding in the send modal and optimized how different lengths of numbers scale, ensuring accuracy and clarity across the platform.

  • Polished activity section: The team has resolved scaling issues in the activity section, ensuring that users can now view all past activity clearly and neatly.

  • Wallet address visibility: We've relocated the wallet address on the wallet details screen to a more prominent position within the action bar. Users can now effortlessly copy their wallet address for sharing or transactions, eliminating the need to navigate through menu options.

New & Improved

  • Transaction created webhook: The onTransactionCreated event is now available in all SDKs. This was the #1 request from partners that are using our SDKs. We hear you!

  • Standalone KYB in MoonPay Dashboard: The sidebar now features a progress indicator, providing partners with clear updates on their verification status and emphasizing the advantages of reaching higher verification levels.

  • Mobile support of MoonPay Dashboard: We added responsiveness to our MoonPay Dashboard’s pages and we now automatically collapse the sidebar into a menu for improved mobile usability.

  • Enhanced sell flow: The new deposit screen, featuring clearer instructions, now appears earlier in the process for improved user experience.

  • Extended ENS compatibility: We've expanded our support to include over 25 additional networks for resolving ENS domain names, treating them with the same priority as Ethereum on Mainnet.

  • Faster Auth SDK: Dramatically improved loading speed, now 8 times faster, reducing it to just 1 second.

  • Enable transactions for high-risk jurisdictions with proof of residence: Formerly, we restricted transactions for customers from high-risk countries. With this update, rather than outright blocking these users, we offer them the opportunity to provide proof of legal residence in a different country.

Georgina Karnasopoulos
Georgina Karnasopoulos

Product Manager, MoonPay Account

Diogo Nunes
Diogo Nunes

Content writer

Sell in the app

Sell crypto with a few taps on the App đź’¸

We're thrilled to announce that our Sell feature is now seamlessly integrated into our MoonPay App. By bringing Sell to our official app, we're making it easier than ever for users to exchange crypto for fiat.

With this update, customers can now experience the complete range of transactional functionalities offered by MoonPay, namely buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies – all conveniently available in the app.

New & Improved

  • Email gated Web3 experiences: This new feature empowers anyone to grant access to a minting experience based on a simple email allowlist. On top of that, the eligible people can claim the NFT without having a wallet or MoonPay Account. #NoWalletNoProblem

  • Cancel sell transaction: Customers are now able to cancel their sell order during the deposit stage, which is very useful in case they made a mistake or changed their mind. Previously the customer had to wait 7 days for the transaction to expire.

  • Balance of connected wallet: Upon connecting a wallet with MoonPay, customers will be able to view the balance of their connected wallet. This should simplify choosing how much to sell or swap.

  • MoonPay Checkout Polygon support: Our Checkout product now supports items priced in MATIC, you can try this out on OpenSea today.

  • FinProm UK Compliance: We're committed to meeting the UK's FinProm requirements, which involve tasks like filling out a risk waiver, adhering to the 24 hour cooling period, and completing the self-categorization and appropriateness test.

  • Delisted BNB in the UK: We no longer support buying, selling, and swapping BNB in the UK. Your safety and security are our top priorities. We regularly monitor the rules and regulations to ensure we're not just compliant, but also providing a secure and safe environment.

  • Improved UX during source of wealth verification: We let customers know exactly what documents they need to submit to succeed at the source of wealth verification and we provide clear explanations when there are any issues in the process.

Roger Pan
Roger Pan

Product Manager

Diogo Nunes
Diogo Nunes

Content writer

Introducing MoonPay Checkout 🛍️

MoonPay is excited to announce our new NFT checkout solution: MoonPay Checkout. We have developed an improved four-click checkout process, making it a breeze for your users to buy NFTs in seconds.

This enhanced version of our NFT purchasing widget represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing a superior transaction experience for NFTs. Whether you’re a seasoned marketplace or a brand in need of a no-code solution, MoonPay Checkout has you covered.

These just five of the features you’ll find:

High converting: With a 90% checkout success rate, MoonPay Checkout is a leader in reliability.

Robust protection: We provide 100% protection against chargebacks and fraud.

Enhanced revenue opportunities: Earn additional income through affiliate fees.

Extensive blockchain support: 40+ blockchains supported, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and more.

Custom theming: Adapt MoonPay Checkout’s look to fit your brand.

Getting started with MoonPay Checkout takes just a few minutes. We provide comprehensive resources, including quickstart guides and detailed technical documentation, to ensure a smooth setup.

Sign up now to integrate our solutions and allow your users to enjoy a seamless NFT checkout process.

New & Improved

  • Expanded support for Visa Direct to 80+ new countries: Before, Visa Direct was limited to the US, but we've expanded access to everyone in the following countries – AD, AE, AR, AU, AT, AZ, BE, BG, BH, BA, BR, BN, CH, CL, CR, CY, CZ, DE, DK, DO, EG, ES, EE, ET, FI, FR, GE, GR, GT, HN, HR, HU, ID, IN, IE, IL, IT, KZ, KE, KG, KW, LB, LC, LI, LT, LU, LV, MC, MD, MV, MX, MK, ME, MO, MW, NA, NL, NO, NZ, OM, PE, PG, PL, PT, PY, QA, RO, SA, SG, SV, SM, RS, SK, SI, SE, TH, TM, TR, TZ, UY, UZ, VA, ZA, ZM.

  • Expanded fiat currency support on Off-Ramps: Using Visa Direct, the following currencies are now available in Sell (Off-Ramp product) – AUD, BGN, BRL, CHF, CZK, DKK, DOP, EGP, IDR, ILS, ISK, KES, KWD, MXN, NOK, NZD, OMR, PEN, PLN, RON, SEK, THB, TRY, ZAR.

  • Released Mastercard Sell to Card: Customers can now add a Mastercard card in the Off-Ramps flow and receive funds from selling their crypto. Similar to the Visa release, we are unable to offer support in New York, Louisiana, Texas and the US Virgin Islands at this time.

  • Withdraw ETH from HyperMint: If you have Ethereum balance on a HyperMint wallet you can now withdraw your funds to a wallet of your choice.

JD Millwood
JD Millwood

VP Product - Consumer & Growth

Super Simple Send, from MoonPay with đź’Ś

Today, the spotlight goes to the web account as we highlight recent enhancements made to simplify sending your cryptocurrencies.

Send Anywhere: Seamlessly send cryptocurrencies from your MoonPay wallet to anywhere in the world.

Fiat Flexibility: Switch between entering crypto and fiat amounts, whichever you prefer.

Some or Everything: We added a new “max” button that simplifies sending the full balance you hold of a specific cryptocurrency. Don’t worry about network fees calculations, we will do that for you with a single click.

Customizable Transaction Speed: Speaking of fees, you can tailor your transaction speed with our customizable network fees, simply choose between standard, fast, or urgent.

Enhanced Transaction Visibility: Keep track of your activities with send transactions now featured in the recent activity section.

Experience these enhancements firsthand by logging into your MoonPay account today!

New & Improved

  • Added shortcut buttons to MoonPay Account: The Account page now features quick access buttons for buying, selling, and swapping tokens, along with various enhancements in the swaps experience.

  • Improved the MoonPay Account: In addition to several improvements in the swaps experience, we've addressed a couple of bugs, like fixing inaccuracies in price charts for certain time ranges.

  • Released Standalone KYC: Users that want to increase their purchasing power are now able to go through the KYC flow natively in the app, for a convenient and streamlined user experience.

  • Added support for Base chain: Our On-ramp now supports three new assets, two of them on the new Base blockchain. The new assets are: ETH_BASE, USDC_BASE, USDT_BSC.

  • Delisted currencies for compliance adherence: In adherence to compliance changes, we had to delist a few currencies, namely CNY, JPY, KRW, MAD, and PKR.

Georgina Karnasopoulos
Georgina Karnasopoulos

Product Manager, MoonPay Account

Enhance your business strategy with Analytics đź“Š

We're pleased to introduce Analytics, a new feature in the MoonPay Dashboard designed to offer partners insights into customer engagement and crucial business metrics like volume and revenue.

This new tool empowers partners to analyze metrics such as revenue, volume, and customer engagement. Partners can also tweak time filters according to their specific needs, allowing them to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Key features include:

Comprehensive business metrics: Access rich and up-to-date transactional metrics (e.g. volume, revenue, etc.) directly from your MoonPay dashboard.

Customer insights: Understand customer behavior and preferences to optimize user experience and drive engagement.

Cross-product analysis: Examine user-level data for all your MoonPay products, including Buy, Sell, and Swaps.

Geographical split: Get insights into transaction volumes and user demographics in specific geographical areas to tailor your strategies and expand your reach.

Custom time filters: Understand detailed trends of key customer and transaction-level metrics across flexible timeframes

User-centric interface: Explore data and derive actionable insights through our intuitive user interface.

To start using Analytics, simply navigate to your MoonPay Dashboard and select the "Analytics" option from the side menu. If you need assistance, get in touch with your Partner Success Manager and we can help you get started.

If you’re new to MoonPay, click here to learn about us and become a partner. Our On-Ramp integration gives you global coverage, seamless revenue sharing, and zero risk of fraud or chargebacks—all in a few lines of code.

New & Improved

  • Simplified the Swaps integration via SDK: We streamlined URL signing, allowing you to add swaps to your product with just a one-line change, which contributes to a fast and effortless integration.

  • Increased session’s time to expire: Until now, we would automatically log our users out of Ramps after seven days of inactivity. For their convenience, we increased that to six months—although we doubt our users will resist buying or selling crypto for that long.

  • Added Wallet Connect support to Off-ramps: Until now our users had to manually send us the crypto they wanted to sell, and now they can simply connect to their favorite wallet and sell directly.

  • Disabled stablecoin transactions in Canada: Due to risk and compliance updates, stablecoin transactions are restricted in Canada. Canadian residents and users' with Canada IP addresses won't be able to see or transact with stablecoins.

JD Millwood
JD Millwood

VP Product - Consumer & Growth

A hackathon competition where the winner is the user đź’ś

The MoonPay team recently gathered for a five-day offsite in Lisbon, bringing together 100+ employees spanning over five departments and 20+ countries.

Our offsites often serve as the location for our quarterly hackathon, which has consistently fostered groundbreaking ideas.

Each hackathon has a specific theme, and this quarter’s was "Fix It". Rather than pursuing shiny new ideas, our focus was on enhancing the user experience of existing products. This also served as an opportunity for teams to clean up some product and tech debt before the start of the new year.

Eleven employees were elected to recruit and lead a team of approximately ten people each, with the goal of building production-ready solutions that would improve our core business. Almost a dozen teams managed to turn 25 ideas into production-ready solutions — all in less than a week! It was an awe-inspiring display of teamwork. 🤝

These ideas led to multiple improvements across our product offering, including:

  • Improved transaction tracking for purchases (On-ramps)

    • Manage user’s expectations by displaying an ETA based on weekly historical data

    • Let the user explore the transaction in the blockchain explorer for more details

    • Auto-refresh the transaction status in the Account page every minute

  • Revamped UI of send feature

    • Fix gas issues and improve error messages

    • Allow sending maximum and decimal amounts

    • Auto-complete with previously used wallets to avoid typing

  • Faster user refunds

    • Automate the majority of the process, reducing waiting times from weeks to days

    • User can now ask (and get) a refund without contacting customer support

  • Launched a new webpage for MoonPay Swaps

  • And much more!

MoonPay's progress depends on feedback from our users and partners. The features we introduce and the refinements we make are often responses to the input you provide us. Keep it coming and we'll continue to improve your experience the best we can!

JD Millwood
JD Millwood

VP Product - Consumer & Growth

Got 2 minutes? That’s all it takes with our improved SDK ⚡️

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing upgrade to our MoonPay SDK collection, specifically tailored for React apps.

While our SDK did support React previously, it required building React-specific logic, which could be quite intricate. To put this into perspective, a custom React integration with our Web SDK would typically entail around 300 lines of code for an optimal developer experience.

With our new React package, this number has dramatically decreased to just around 10 lines - a remarkable reduction of approximately 96%.

The integration process is now incredibly straightforward. In just three lines of JSX, you can effectively incorporate the MoonPay React SDK. No need for intimidating hooks or worrying about loading MoonPay separately. Rest assured, the React SDK offers the same level of customization, seamless communication, and type-safety as our Web SDK.

Don't miss out on exploring this package on npm.

If you have any doubts you can always dive into our detailed documentation. Happy coding!

New & Improved

  • Improved NFT Checkout UI: We've modernized the design of our NFT Checkout. The Card Details component has also undergone a makeover, now consolidated into a single field from its previous three. This ensures a simplified experience while buying and tracking your NFT purchase.

  • Social login on MoonPay Account: Users can now seamlessly log in using Google and Apple sign in on the Web. No more verification codes! With login parity across Web, App, and Widget, we're dedicated to delivering a uniform experience for our users across all our consumer products.

  • Ability to close all sessions: We introduced a button on the MoonPay Account to log out the user of all active sessions. This enhanced control allowed us to extend the logged-in duration from 7 days to 180 days, offering our users greater convenience.

  • Added On-Ramp support for USDT_BSC: We introduced a new asset, USDT on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Stay tuned for upcoming support for ETH_BASE and USDC_Base.

Anders Hasselstrøm
Anders Hasselstrøm

Group PM, Ramps.

Get Swapping on the MoonPay App! 🔄

We're excited to unveil our latest feature - Swaps - now available within the MoonPay App.

Swaps is designed to provide a secure and cross-chain solution with a wide selection of over 1,500 trading pairs. With low gas fees and competitive exchange rates, Swaps offers a cost-effective and seamless way to diversify your crypto portfolio.

One of the standout features of our Swaps is its ability to perform cross-chain swapping, allowing you to effortlessly pick one asset from one blockchain and convert it into a different token on another chain. What's remarkable is that this process is entirely transparent to the user, ensuring a seamless experience.

Whether you're looking to switch from ETH to BTC, USDT to LTC, BNB to SOL, or explore a multitude of other combinations, Swaps empowers you with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Plus, managing multiple wallets has never been easier. With Swaps, you can effortlessly swap between all of your wallets, regardless of the quantity.

MoonPay is committed to ensuring accessibility for users around the world, and Swaps is no exception. Available in most regions where MoonPay operates, Swaps welcomes users from North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Experience the future of crypto trading – download the MoonPay app today and dive into the world of Swaps!

New & Improved

  • Replaced BUSD pairs with USDT on Binance: The Binance exchange has revealed plans to discontinue BUSD by February 2024. As such, we have proactively removed our dependency on BUSD pairs, and replaced them with USDT pairs to mitigate any intermittent issues related to the Binance announcement.

  • Arbitrum-native USDC support: We've implemented changes to support the native Arbitrum USDC across our products. This variant, issued by Circle and officially recognized by Arbitrum, holds the distinction of being directly redeemable for US dollars at a 1:1 ratio.

Roger Pan
Roger Pan

Product Manager

Multiple wallets, One account, All the details 🔍

We're thrilled to unveil a convenient new feature - Wallet Details - designed to provide you with a clear and comprehensive view of your wallets. This enhancement empowers you to make faster and more informed decisions regarding your crypto assets.

With Wallet Details,  you can easily obtain an overview of your tokens. Enjoy the convenience of a detailed breakdown, allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of your balances within specific wallets.

You now have easy access to your transaction history, per wallet, enabling you to review and manage your crypto with confidence.

And when it comes to topping up your wallets, we've streamlined the process for a seamless experience, ensuring you're always well-prepared for your next crypto venture.

New & Improved

  • Support for ETH on Linea: We successfully integrated with the new Linea chain, expanding support for Ethereum on Linea in our Ramps product. Linea is a Layer 2 (L2) ZK-roll up network launched by Consensys.

  • BIMI logo on MoonPay emails: We enabled the Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI), which allows our brand logo to display with a blue checkmark on our emails. This is one small step to increase the trustworthiness for our emails and your safety.

  • Visa on Google Pay is back: We re-enabled Visa transactions on Google Pay for all regions.

  • Solana Off-ramp is back: This means you can seamlessly convert your SOL assets to fiat once again.

Georgina Karnasopoulos
Georgina Karnasopoulos

Product Manager, MoonPay Account