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A day in the life of Senior Product Marketing Manager Leah Barrier

What's it like to work at MoonPay? Here's a look into Senior Product Marketing Manager Leah Barrier's experience.

By Leah Barrier

About me

I’m Leah from the product marketing team at MoonPay. I originally emerged from the world of sports, which I assumed would be a permanent part of my life. Long story short, I never made it to the WNBA…

But I did find my way into the crypto rabbit hole!

I discovered the history of money and why crypto will be the preferred medium of exchange of the future. In these early days I was mostly observing crypto as a retail speculator and overall fangirl of its potential.

Years later I ended up doing due diligence and deep dives for local investors in the form of emerging tokens, DeFi use cases, and early Web3 theories while working at a supply chain and logistics company as a “full stack” marketer. Shortly after, I decided to marry my profession and my passion for crypto’s potential.

The rest, you could say, is history!

What does your typical day look like?

Ask any Product Marketing Manager and they’ll agree: no two days are the same. However, I’m a creature of habit and work best when I have lists and a daily process. Control the controllables, right?

My day starts by opening Slack and responding to all new messages. My mornings are then consumed by top-of-minds and product syncs with team members from various MoonPay departments.

I have a daily list of must-do’s and nice-to-do’s that I then start working through accordingly. My time is predominantly spent understanding all of our products from the perspective of the end user and then positioning and messaging around those specific value propositions or unique selling points. In other words, I liaise between the products and all possible audiences by sitting at the cross-section of product, sales, customer service, and marketing.

I then continue my day by overusing the word “alignment” in my on-going attempts to ensure we’re all pulling in the same direction.

From positioning and messaging to internal alignment, sales enablement, competitive intelligence, and product launches — it’s a whirlwind of challenges to be met on a daily basis and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What do you love about Product Marketing?

The best thing about product marketing is the cross-functional component. This is the one role where you chat with everybody’s core department and not feel out of place. A Product Marketing Manager needs an invite to everyone’s lunch table and that forces friendships and collaboration where it otherwise would have never existed.

What do you love about working at MoonPay?

Four words: MoonPay is the best!

People talk about “culture” in the workplace all the time. So much so that the meaning was lost on me for years. Until MoonPay. I understand what this means now. I also align with the mission and core values.

When you have the ability to resonate with the company you work for on a personal level, your job becomes your hobby and is no longer “work”.

Aside from that, the whole work-from-anywhere concept is pretty awesome too. I love remote working.

How and why did you end up joining MoonPay?

I was hired as the first Product Marketing Manager at MoonPay in July after I came across the posting on a job board shared by Anthony Pompliano (“Pomp”) on Twitter. Don’t all crypto hires happen on crypto Twitter?

Again, at that time I had been deep in the weeds of investor research and thought now was the best time to dive into this industry full time. I’m biased, but product marketing really is the best of both worlds. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

What’s an exciting challenge you’ll face in your role over the next 6-12 months?

My challenges will always be tied to internal alignment and bridging the gap between siloed departments — especially as we continue to scale at this hyper growth pace. Communication, transparency, and launch processes have never been more important.

I have set upcoming initiatives to help mitigate the disconnect. However, gaps in communication or attempts to influence product’s roadmap is a continued challenge that I think about on a daily basis. A challenge? Yes. But one I accept with gratitude!

And that’s a day in my life!

Find me on LinkedIn if you’re interested in joining MoonPay’s marketing team or would like to collaborate on future projects.

Leah Barrier

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Leah Barrier
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