0 minsPublished on 7/13/2021

A day in the life of Talent Operations Analyst Camilla May

What's it like to work at MoonPay? Here's a look into Talent Operations Analyst Camilla May's experience.

By Camilla

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About me

My name is Camilla, I live in Scotland and am a Talent Operations Analyst! I’ve worked in Psychology / People/ Tech for the past five years and alongside working at MoonPay I am studying my Masters in Performance Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. My flat is full of cats and plants (well actually just one cat, but really lots of plants. Too many.) I have been working at MoonPay since October 2019 as our first People team hire.

What does your typical day look like?

I am an early riser so I usually wake up around 6 or 7am. My window faces the East so I get the full sunrise waking me up, and I have a beautiful view over the rooftops towards the hills of the Salisbury Crags and Arthur’s Seat (you will be lambasted by Scottish locals if you call them mountains even though they look pretty big to me.) I start work around 7-10am depending on what time my first meetings are that day. I worked in central London for the past 5 years so do not miss the morning commute...

Every day is pretty different working for a fully remote company but usually I will have some internal meetings in the morning. This morning I had a weekly sync with our Head of Product to look at our pipeline data so I had to pull a few reports and prep for that.

The majority of my role involves scheduling interviews and overseeing the process so I will work through my pipelines (currently I am responsible for all our Engineering hiring, which has 15+ open positions) and fight any fires that may have arisen. I’m also working on an interviewer upskilling project at the moment so alongside scheduling I incorporated some work on that, organising shadowing sessions and doing some work around how best to quantify and track the results of the project.

Usually in the afternoon I will have a few more meetings with various hiring managers for the roles I’m working on or within my team, and I’ll also set aside some focus time for any work on additional OKRs or projects I’m involved with. This afternoon I also have a few social calls including a catch up with another colleague based in the States. I also used my focus time to create this blog!

What do you love about being a Talent Analyst?

I love the challenge it poses (through sheer volume of candidates!) and the direct impact the work has on achieving MoonPay’s objectives. Hiring is imperative to our growth and without Talent Analysts it wouldn’t happen. It’s also very rewarding when a candidate you’ve liaised with ends up joining the team!

What do you love about working at MoonPay?

I love the flexibility of being able to set my own work schedule, and being able to work with interesting people across the world 🌎. There are always exciting projects to get involved with that provide opportunities to learn new skills.

What’s an exciting challenge you're facing in your role over the next 6-12 months?

The expansion of the People team from just me to a full Avengers style squad will be a really exciting challenge to tackle, and figure out how we can all work best together.  

What roles are MoonPay hiring for right now and what advice would you give to people applying?

We are hiring across pretty much every area of the business right now! My advice would be to do your research, ask good questions in your interviews and be friendly, passionate and proactive.

And that’s a day in my life!


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