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MoonPay becomes member of Merchant Risk Council

The membership organization connects eCommerce fraud and payments professionals.

12 Aug 2021by Geoffrey Lyons

In our ongoing commitment to build the best-in-class fraud prevention and global compliance programs, we’re excited to announce that we are now members of the Merchant Risk Council.

The MRC is a nonprofit member organization that connects over 500 companies, more than 350 of which are merchants, with the aim of preventing fraud, optimizing payments, and managing risk.

As eCommerce evolves, so does fraud, meaning global efforts to stay one step ahead of bad actors are crucial to keeping consumers and businesses safe. The MRC plays an important role in this global fight against fraud by connecting its members through online forums, career development programs, conferences, and networking events.

“By becoming a Member of the Merchant Risk Council, we can leverage on the experience, shared knowledge, and collaborative infrastructure that the MRC provides to become best-in-class in fraud prevention,” said Sebastian Robins, MoonPay’s VP of Card Services.

The MRC currently operates in the US, Europe, and Asia and are expanding their reach to other regions.