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Music NFT marketplace Mint Songs chooses MoonPay as fiat on-ramp

Mint Songs has added MoonPay’s fiat on-ramp integration to their music NFT marketplace.

10 Jan 2022by Corey Barchat

We’re excited to announce that Mint Songs has partnered with MoonPay to add direct fiat-onramp integration to their music NFT marketplace.

Fans can now top up their MetaMask wallet with Ethereum via MoonPay to start buying and selling music NFTs.

A screenshot of Mint Songs’ music NFT marketplace.

Mint Songs enables artists to mint and sell their music as NFTs (Image source)

What is Mint Songs?

Mint Songs is a music NFT marketplace that empowers creators and collectors alike. 

Artists can mint their songs as NFTs with zero minting fees and set a custom supply for the number of editions of the NFT. Creators take home 95% of primary sales and earn a 10% royalty on every resale of their NFTs.

Fans can discover and support new artists by purchasing their music as NFTs. As a non-custodial marketplace, Mint Songs gives users full ownership of digital assets.

Mint Songs users can now buy MATIC and Ethereum on Polygon directly via MoonPay to create and collect music NFTs.