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MoonPay teams up with GeroWallet: Your Master Key to DeFi

MoonPay teams up with GeroWallet: Your Master Key to DeFi.

9 Aug 2021by Bud Hennekes

MoonPay is thrilled to share our latest fiat on- and off-ramp integration with GeroWallet, helping bring crypto to even more users worldwide. With this partnership, we’re excited to play a part in making GeroWallet a one-stop-shop crypto wallet and DeFi platform by allowing their users to purchase crypto with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.

In addition, UK and EU users can withdraw their fiat to bank institutions that accept SEPA and GBP payments.

GeroWallet’s focus on creating a world-class user experience and building user-friendly tools for DeFi aligns with MoonPay’s mission of becoming the bridge to the crypto economy. We are delighted to support their efforts in making DeFi and crypto accessible through the Cardano blockchain.

Be sure to learn more about GeroWallet and what they are building here.