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Much wow: Doge is now live in the US with MoonPay

Dogecoin is officially supported for MoonPay customers in the US. Here's what it means.

25 Jun 2021by Bud Hennekes

Much wow: Doge is now live in the US with MoonPay

We’re incredibly excited to share Dogecoin is now live in the US for MoonPay customers.

Dogecoin meme. Much. Wow.
Dogecoin has grown largely in part due to it's 'meme culture" (Image source)

The addition of Doge is another step towards MoonPay’s mission to bring cryptocurrency to 1 billion people around the world. For our partners and MoonPay customers this now brings the total cryptocurrencies available to purchase to 17 in the US.

Dogecoin supported by MoonPay in the US

Having launched in 2013, Dogecoin continues to make a splash in popular culture, finance and crypto, and is well on its way to becoming a household name. MoonPay joins the likes of Coinbase and other industry leading exchanges to add Doge support.

Dogecoin price chart via CoinGecko.
Dogecoin is ranked 6th in marketcap of all cryptocurrencies. (Image source)

Recently, Tesla founder Elon Musk stated he was “working with Dogecoin devs” to make Doge more environmentally friendly. Despite beginning as a “meme coin” Doge continues to play a critical role in the adoption and use of cryptocurrency worldwide, and we couldn’t be more excited to add Doge support at MoonPay.

Guaranteed price quote and faster purchase flow

With the rollout of Doge support in the US, we have also added the guaranteed quote feature, enabling you to see the exact amount of crypto you will receive—what you see is what you get guaranteed.

We’ve also improved the purchase flow so that you’re able to receive your Dogecoin as quickly as possible, reducing wait times. It’s never been easier to buy DOGE in the US.

Much wow.