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Crypto is an unmissable opportunity for fintech

With the meteoric rise of retail interest in cryptocurrency, we're facing an inflection point for the young but highly disruptive financial technology.

18 Apr 2021by Corey Barchat

Over these last few formative years, a number of key fintech providers have entered the market in a bid to cater to their users’ burgeoning appetite for crypto.

From payment giants like PayPal to challenger banks including Revolut, crypto is rapidly becoming a central part of the fintech product landscape.

Here are three ways crypto offerings can give fintechs a competitive edge in 2021.

1. Earn additional revenue with higher profit margins

Enabling cryptocurrency can be a highly productive enterprise for fintechs, who have been forced to scale aggressively due to historically thin margins with traditional financial services.

With volumes and public interest at an all-time high, and profit margins as high as 100 basis points, crypto offers fintechs a new and highly profitable revenue stream with minimal effort required.

2. Drive engagement with your existing customer base

Offering users a seamless way to move into crypto can increase the lifetime value of your customer base and drive business growth.

The dynamic, collaborative and fast-paced nature of cryptocurrency means that new and exciting assets and services are constantly being innovated. Crypto is a natural fit for fintech demographics, and offering crypto products gives your business the ability to cater to user needs and stay ahead of consumer trends.

3. Ease of integration

MoonPay’s out-of-the-box crypto solution provides fiat rail integration within days, saving you the time and stress associated with drawn-out integration processes. Plugging into our simple API allows for an effortless onboarding that delivers crypto to your customers fast and in a risk free manner.

It's time to put your business at the forefront of financial services.

Here at MoonPay, we believe this emerging asset-class will play a central role in the future of financial technology, which is why we offer an end-to-end solution enabling fintechs to seamlessly implement crypto.

With 100% chargeback protection, regulatory licensure, and streamlined integration, our white label solution gives fintechs a way to quickly offer crypto in more than 160 countries, with a fully customizable affiliate fee.

To get started today, contact our sales team.