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Artist Spotlight: Amber Vittoria

In the first spotlight of the series, we speak to Amber Vittoria about her creative process and how she got started in NFTs.

11 Nov 2022by Milly Fox-Jones

For a long time, the only way to make a living as a visual artist was to have your work for sale in galleries or rely on client commissions. Through NFTs, a whole new income stream was introduced, and with it a way for artists to have more autonomy over their own careers.

With this freedom has come a wave of innovation from talented artists all over the world: some unknown, some already famous, but all joined together in a brand new medium. 

In our artist spotlight series, we’ll be talking to some of the most creative, ambitious and revolutionary artists in the NFT space, and we’re setting the bar high with the first: New York artist and poet Amber Vittoria

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an artist and poet working in New York City. Taking advantage of the fluidity of ink, color pencil, and acrylic paints, I create bold shapes and rainbow gradients that dominate my compositions. Punctuated by simple graphite line drawings and impactful words, my work draws on my relationship to femininity, emotion and societal expectations.

How did you get started with NFTs?

My partner and I purchased a CryptoPunk in early 2021. I learned about how artists were selling their work on the blockchain, and loved how it created provenance for both new and established artists alike. It was incredible to see so many artists connect with collectors directly, circumventing the traditional methods of art collecting and artist/collector relationships.

When did you sell your first NFT?

I sold my first NFT to a friend in March of 2021! 

How long does it take you to complete your pieces?

It often depends on the piece. Some pieces can be completed in a matter of days, but as time has gone on, I’ve been able to slow down and spend weeks on a singular piece of work. Taking longer periods of time with my work allows me to relish in the joy of creation a bit more, gives me more space to think about the composition in relationship to the content of the piece, and creates deeper meaning for each individual work.

Is it hard to let go of your pieces when you put so much time into them?

It isn’t! I learned in art school to not be precious about a piece once it is complete. I’ll always have the memory of creating said piece, and if it finds a home that will cherish looking at it on a daily basis, that is icing on the cake.

How do you get in the zone to create your pieces?

I’ll take long pauses between making works and go seek inspiration out in nature, in other cities, and on my daily walks. Once I’m boiling over with sketches and notes from that inspiration, I usually become quite eager to paint! Taking breaks is the best thing I have done in my practice.

What about the NFT space do you find valuable for artists?

Not only does web3 create easier provenance and connections for artists to collectors, it encourages new ways of thinking for the artist. We can experiment with making our work experiential, having large editions, small editions, unique pieces - and as the technology becomes more robust, artists can use NFTs as a narrative creation tool in itself.

Web3 has typically been viewed as a male-dominated space. How do you approach driving equity for all in web3?

The most important aspect is bringing awareness to this fact. There are many in this space who claim to not see gender, or don’t believe that there is a huge gender disparity in art sales, both in web3 and in traditional art spaces, as discussed in Forbes here. I personally try to collect artwork from folks who aren’t as represented in the worlds of art and web3, and if I’m unable to swing collecting a piece, I try to share their work as much as I can on Twitter. If we all become self-aware of how societal structures impact web3, we can work to dismantle them for future artists.

More about the artist

You can learn more about Amber on her website, and follow her work on Instagram and Twitter.