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HyperMint to power Alec Monopoly’s NFT collection

The 6,500 hand-drawn NFTs will be deployed using MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting platform.

22 Jul 2022by Geoffrey Lyons

We’re thrilled to announce that MoonPay is partnering with renowned New York street artist Alec Monopoly on the launch of his upcoming NFT collection Rags to Richie

Monopoly has chosen to mint through HyperMint, MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting platform that launched last month. HyperMint effectively removes the barriers to entry for anyone who wants to tokenize their IP, allowing artists like Alec Monopoly to go-to-market faster. 

The collection, which contains 6,500 NFTs hand drawn by Monopoly himself, is based on the famous Harvey Comics character Richie Rich, who symbolizes “a strong work ethic leading to a high-end lifestyle.” 

The project, which mints July 24, will feature $1,000,000 in physical art giveaways, in-person and metaverse events, and even a ranking-based play-to-earn game that’s due to launch in October.

A picture of the Rags to Richie NFT collection.
Rags to Richie is a collection of 6,500 NFTs hand-drawn by Alec Monopoly (Image source)

“MoonPay’s partnership with Alec Monopoly is a blueprint for the next phase of NFTs—real world utility,” said MoonPay co-founder and CEO, Ivan Soto-Wright. “This is an exciting step forward for both Alec as an artist and NFTs as a medium. We’re honored to be a part of the project.”

The partnership will also utilize MoonPay’s NFT Checkout, enabling users to buy Rags to Richie NFTs with a credit card. 

“I’m excited to open the project beyond just the crypto community with MoonPay’s ability to easily accept credit cards and ensure this mint is smooth and secure,” said Alec Monopoly. 

Pre-mint for Rags to Richie is open for registration until Saturday, July 23. Winners will be notified by email 12 hours before mint and guaranteed a window to mint their NFT on Sunday, July 24. Click here for more details.

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